Kaz Cygnus

Lover and a Fighter

Contains spoilers for the FFXIV raid series "YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse" Proceed with caution...

This includes NSFW content for individuals 18+...

RP Information

-I am available to rp Kaz outside of any working venue hours, please send me a tell or message me at Lemon_Sherbet#6432-On Thursday evenings you can find Kaz at the Null & Void




Unit E4 was an android tasked with hunting down fugitive androids under the elite military force known as YoRHa. E4 was strong, powerful, and driven, accompanied by a scanner unit known as 3S. The two androids traversed the desert in search of YoRHa deserters and other rogue units, forming a deadly team. With the ability to hack into the rogue units, and the strength to tear them down, E4 and 3S became unstoppable.For weeks, there were little to no upcoming assignments from either of the two’s operators, something that left them uneasy yet not worried. As a part of their duties, they had been wandering the desert wasteland, meeting a strange team of androids. The androids they faced mirrored the appearance of YoRHa androids, only with white clothes and dark hair. One thing was for certain: these androids were NOT allies. It soon became a bloody battle, leading to E4 making a daring escape with a gravely injured 3S.When trying to upload their data to the bunker, E4 was met with error after error, leading to the ultimate decision of taking flight units back to the bunker.Returning to the bunker was nightmarish, what used to be a flourishing headquarter was an abandoned, ruined hell. With nobody to help, 3S passed, and E4 was forced to look elsewhere for repairs.After hours of walking, E4 saw a bright light ahead of her.. What she assumed to be the afterlife. Despaired, she walked through, but instead of her story ending… it began.E4 was found in the desert of Thanalan, with nothing but the clothes on her body, and a strange black box grasped in her hands. In this strange new world, she took the chance to decide how to live by herself, changing her name to Kaz Cygnus. She didn’t know how, but she was going to live on her own terms.